Archimedes Arms is a leading manufacturer of private label arms

Archimedes Arms is dedicated to providing small and medium firearms manufacturers with high-quality receivers. We are the best in the business at machining, engraving, and anodizing AR-15 and AR-10 receivers with your marking variance

Marking Variance processin 3 steps

Our Marking Variance process makes it easy for you to get to market with your own branded AR Lowers.

Your 07 FFL

You send us your 07 FFL license, we prepare the BATFE Marking Variance Request, we email the form back to you to sign electronically.

Our BATFE Request

We submit the completed Marking Variance form to the BATFE for approval. In the mean time, we work with you to refine your artwork for engraving.

BATFE Approval

Now we can start the process of machining, engraving, and anodizing your parts. Subsequent orders will not require additional BATFE requests or approvals.


Why promote someone else's product?


This is a good/typical location for the logo of your company or organization. The logo artwork is not restricted by the BATFE - we can engrave your custom logo with or without a Marking Variance Approval.


With BATFE Marking Variance approval, we can engrave your choice of the Model, Caliber, and Serial Number (range), for your lowers. For Caliber, "multi" is often used to provide you with the option to support various caliber options in your final firearm build.

AR-15 Lower Reciever


The firearm Manufacturer (Licensee or Trade Name) and Location (City State) must be engraved exactly as they appear on the FFL. In the case of a BATFE approved Marking Variance, this would be engraved with your company's Name and Location.


Fire select indicators are not regulated by the BATFE and may appear in many different forms. Typical examples are "SAFE" and "FIRE" or bullet-style "Pictograms". Customers may also choose a third fire select position (e.g. SAFE, SEMI, AUTO).


We are always happy to speak with you directly via phone or email; however, below are some commonly asked questions/answers for your convenience:

With a BATFE approved Marking Variance, Archimedes Arms can produce an exclusive, fully branded Lower Receiver for your company, with YOU as the "manufacturer". This enables you to spec your own Lower Receivers, create and extend your brand, build company recognition and customer loyalty - and ultimately separate yourself from competitors with your own exclusive product. Plus it's cool to have your own AR lower...

We've done many-many Marking Variance requests, and the only thing that is certain is that the BATFE processing time is uncertain! Generally, we receive approvals from the BATFE within 4-8 weeks of submission * . We can help you select the optimal choice of Model, Caliber, and Serial Number (range) to reduce the need for additional approvals in the future. * Hint: start the process now!

If you have a Type 01 FFL license, we can still manufacture a receiver with your choice of engravings for the Logo, Model, Caliber, and Fire Select indicators; however, the BATFE requires us to engrave the Manufacturer and Location as "Archimedes Arms" in "Ellensburg WA". A Type 07 FFL license and an approved Marking Variance would allow us to use your Name/Location instead.

You might be surprised at how affordable it is to have Archimedes Arms produce your lower receivers for you, versus purchasing one with "someone else's" name and logo on it. Yes, price always does go down with quantity, but we do not have a minimum order quantity. We pride ourselves on achieving the same fast turnaround times for small orders as we do for bigger orders. Best thing to do is fill out our Quote form, then we can engage directly and support your specific needs.



Archimedes Arms is a family business, founded by brothers Pete and John Ross, Washington State natives and US Marine Corps vets.  Prior to Archimedes Arms, the brothers started and ran a successful retail business offering gunsmithing, firearms training, and retail gun sales. After 7 years of business, they closed the doors on "Brothers N Arms" to focus on their primary interest in private label firearms. Today, Pete and John are the driving force behind Archimedes Arms, and they operate the business on a few simple but core principles:

  • Always value the customer relationship more than the business transaction
  • Always strive to make a consistently high-quality product, with predictable availability
  • Always take special care of small and medium sized companies, as partners in business

When they're not at the shop, at the range, on military drills, or giving/receiving training, you can usually find Pete and John somewhere in Ellensburg - it's a small town - give a shout out if you're in the neighborhood.

Owners Pete and John Ross

John is the handsome one...
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Please tell us a little about yourself and what you are looking for, and we'll get back to you asap!